10 Signs Telling you that you are FAR TOO Excited about Christmas

Ok, we know that we are nearing the end of November and soon you can start opening up those advent calendars, even if you are probably too old to have one! However, don’t you think it might be a little too early to start getting overly excited about Christmas? If you find yourself already listening to that Christmas playlist or are gradually putting up your decorations, chances are you are a little bit too welcoming of the festivities.

We aren’t saying that its a bad thing to be cheerful and happy over this holiday (we at Bloop love Christmas!), but maybe being a little too eager might actually take all the magic out of the day itself? Here at Bloop, we’ve put together a checklist that tells you if you’re already too excited for Christmas:

1. The Christmas playlist is already in full swing on your iPhone, since the start of November!

2. Festive beverages bring an uncontrollable joy to your every-day routine (Thanks Starbucks!).

3. You’ve already watched Elf…twice.

4. And have the rest of the Xmas movie marathon list on standby.

5. You’ve made a makeshift Christmas tree for your Uni house/flat…out of journals, magazines and empty cartons.

6. You happen to find yourself watching Christmas adverts old and new on Youtube.

7. You are on a massive health kick in preparation for Christmas dinner, where you plan to LITERALLY devour all the food.

8. You were wearing that Christmas jumper, in October.

9. You are already drinking mulled wine daily.

10. And you are getting slightly impatient over the fact that it’s still November.

Its ok to be prepared, as it is quite the stressful time of year as well, but maybe reel that excitement back in a little? We give you full permission to get into a frenzy once its December, which is only a few days away!

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