Easy Breakfast Tips to make your Morning more Interesting

Waking up in the morning can be a drag to say the least. Whether its going to work, school, or you simply have what feels like a million things to do that day, sometimes it can be hard making a breakfast that sets you right for the day ahead. Luckily, there are a few hacks to making sure you have the right nutrients to go about your day, and they are not only tasty, but also incredibly quick and easy. Here at Bloop, we are massive breakfast fanatics (who isn’t really?), and If you’re bored of the usual cereal brand or piece of toast in the morning, then this is the guide for you! Here’s our top tips to making your breakfast tastier and healthier:


. Try adding a Superfood to your Brekkie

For health nuts, superfoods are the absolute talk of the town, and with good reason as there are plenty to choose from! Superfoods are a fabulous way to make your breakfast more interesting not only because of the many health benefits (including lifting depression and reducing aging), but they also allow you to get experimental…without spending too much time preparing them. Luckily you can purchase such superfoods like Spirulina (pictured above in our mermaid smoothie bowl) in powdered form from any local health foods store, so you’ll be reaping the benefits of these in no time. And better yet, they require little to no time to prepare!


. Mix it Up!

It almost goes without saying that having the same breakfast every day is bound to get boring fast, which is why changing it up every so often is a good way to keeping things interesting. Try tricking your taste buds and have a mix of both sweet and savory in the morning with such choices like avocado or peanut buttered bananas on toast? These are incredibly healthy choices, and better yet, they are seriously delicious!



. Make it Pretty

On social media, foodporn is serious business. Its in our nature to be attracted to something that looks good, and it is just the same with food. So spend a few moments in the day to make your breakfast look pretty as a picture. Making something with fruits, nuts and granola will not only make it look attractive (fantastic for Instagram posts!), but it will also make it taste amazing too!


. Make it Simple

Of course, you don’t always have to come up with something new and different to make your breakfast choices interesting and healthy. As sometimes, its good to stick to the basics, which also saves A LOT of time! Opt for a choice such as cinnamon bananas for something quick and easy.


. Prepare the Night Before

If you are the type to truly find yourself in a rush first thing in the morning, or simply just like to stay in bed for as long as possible, then maybe preparing something the night before is the best option. Chop and blend a breakfast smoothie and then freeze it overnight so that its good and ready in the morning, just like our own Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream pictured above…yes, ice cream for breakfast! This is a super easy and utterly healthy breakfast option that we made from raw cacao powder, banana, avocado and coconut milk, that fully satisfies any cravings for sweet food!

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