How to turn your Instagram Food Images in to Serious Foodporn

Love or loathe them, food images on are an absolute staple on Intagram. With 71 million tags, its safe to say that for some reason we just LOVE looking at other people’s scran. But what takes an everyday food image to next-level foodporn? Well here at Bloop, you may have noticed that we have a knack for making our own Insta pics look utterly mouth-watering…dare we say so ourselves, take a look if you aren’t convinced! As a consequence, we feel that it is only right (and generous) for us to share our top tips on how to make your own food images into serious foodporn:


#1. Composition:

If you really think about it, instagram food images are really just another branch of food photography – which stems from still life. Therefore, if you have a subject that is placed solely on its own in an image, its going to look pretty dull and boring; which is why composition is key! Adding other objects to your image can inspire a particular mood in any photo, like our own Matcha Green Tea image above. We wanted to create a ‘breakfast’ type of scene, so we added in a yummy muffin and blueberries into the shot creating a relaxed morning meal predisposition. You’ll be amazed by how much interest you’re image will garner with this top tip alone!

DSC_0699 12272969_10154301946419908_1156244744_n

#2. Lighting:

Any keen photographer will tell you that lighting (i.e. natural) is key to taking a good photograph – and the same goes for taking foodporn-worthy Instagram pics. You can use lights and lamps to enhance lighting in images, however it will probably make your pics look too exposed or grainy like the image of the omelette above. How do you tackle this we hear you say? Try taking images near a widow in order to get as much natural light as possible, and DO NOT USE FLASH! If you’re really stuck for decent light, a last resort is editing on apps by increasing the brightness.

DSC_0650 DSC_0610

#3. Play with Angles:

A golden rule for anyone who loves snapping up their favourite foods. Playing with angles simply allows you to gain a wider prospective of how your image will look, so try taking a number of pics from different angles to see what looks better.


#4. Select your Colours & Textures Carefully:

The trick to making some serious Instagram foodporn happen is to know what colours/textures work well together. If you think about it, we are naturally drawn to colours that really pop out from a image, like in the Spirulina smoothie bowl image above – and with its vivid selection of textures in the fruits, this comes across as the better image. So, choose colours that are from a complimentary palette, but don’t be afraid to go bold with certain pieces.



#5. The Power of Hashtags:

Hashtags are a powerful way of gaining a fanbase, especially if you’re keen to get more Likes and Followers. Searching for particular hashtags is also a way to learn from other Instagrammers and see how they put their images together. HOWEVER – when uploading an image, try not to use too many hashtags as this can look very spammy and that you are trying too hard. Instead, try picking 4-5 specific hashtags that are relevant to your image. An example for the smoothie bowl above would be #superfoodsmoothie or #smoothiebowl, while the ice cream mochi would be #icecream #icecreammochi

Now that you’ve seen our top tips on how to make your instagram food images into some serious foodporn, get out there and get snapping!

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