Winter Is Coming, so look at our top bubble teas to try warm!


Now that November is upon us, not only do we have the novelty of channelling our inner Sea Bean by proclaiming that “winter is coming”, but it also means bubble teas are now served warm. You may be wondering exactly what flavours are suited best at a higher temperature, but fear not; as we’ve put together a guide on the best warm bubble teas to aid you in the colder months:



This flavour in particular is wonderful as it’s not unlike mulled wine in taste when served warm, minus the alcohol, of course! You’ll be feeling suitably festive in no time, especially if you add some popping boba such as mango yoghurt bubbles.



A surprise addition to our guide, blueberry simply reminds us of the warm sunny days of summer – making it perfect particularly if you are suffering from major Winter blues. Add some blueberry jellies at the bottom to give it that extra sweet kick!


Hazelnut Latte:

You can’t really write a guide about warm drinks without adding in some form of coffee! Our latest addition to the Bloop Bubble Tea menu is our coffee bubble tea range, which has become incredibly popular. If you are in serious need of some caffeine in the mornings, try out a warm serving of our hazelnut latte with chewy tapioca boba that will give you just the wakeup call you need to get you going!



We are pretty sure that our mango bubble tea (ok, we also have added mango pops & jellies!) tastes even sweeter served hot. Fruit teas are usually always better when served cold, but there’s just something about mango that makes us feel as though it is the ultimate tropical indulgence – and that’s why it’s perfect for cold weather we say!



Pineapple has been fairly popular as a staple flavour, but raising the temperature that gently mixes with the shot of tea to create something that is truly mouth-watering. If you prefer less dramatic or quirky flavours, a warm cup of apple bubble tea is definite a go-to.

Here at Bloop, we think you’ll love this refreshing take on a warm beverage during the colder months. If you like your extra strong, why not add another shot of tea to your order? Our friendly staff will be sure to assist you!

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