How To Throw A Scarily Good Last-Minute Halloween Party!

So you’ve been bold enough (or, reluctantly cornered by your mates!) to throw a Halloween party! While that may have sounded like an awesome idea at the time, chances are that if you’re like most people, you’ve also left everything last minute as well. Probably not the best way to start off planning a shindig, but sometimes the thought of organizing a party can sound daunting, no matter how much you like partying. However despite poor planning, that doesn’t mean that you can’t throw a great party; because lets face it, some of the best parties you’ve been to have likely been an impulsive idea. Here at Bloop, we’ve decided that we’d help along with throw a scarily good last minute Halloween party in a few simple steps:

Decorate Your House:

It goes almost without saying that if you plan on having a Halloween party, you simply have to set the creepy scene with spooky decor. This can be done fairly easily with a quick trip to your local supermarket if you’re really in a hurry, but if you want your abode to stand out a little more, then why not make your own decorations? With help from friends (and bribe them with sweets!), you could carve out pumpkins and make your own ugly horror decorations in no time!

Make A Halloween Party Menu:

Here at Bloop, we think one of the main reasons why we love Halloween in particular is the food. That doesn’t necessarily mean sweets and chocolate (although, we won’t say no to that either), as you could always devise an Autumn-themed menu based from savory and sweet Harvest foods as an alternative. However, if that seems like too much effort, why not make your own Halloween cocktails? From blood orange cocktail, to a smokin’ skull shot, there are all kinds of creepy cocktail recipes that you can find online. So get creative!

Scary Silver Screen and Spooky Soundtracks:

Another way to give your party an eerie feel is to have horror movies on in the background while playing some of your favourite Halloween tunes. Make a playlist of some of the most well-known Halloween music (yes, we are talking about Thriller and Nightmare before Christmas!) and play it alongside some of the best Horror films for something that will really scare your friends.

 And Finally, Get Yourself a Halloween Costume:

This doesn’t mean bring out the SAME costume from last year, although if you are that much of a hurry, we are sure you’re friends will forgive you. However if you are up for the challenge, you could get really creative and make a DIY costume based off something from film and entertainment. Stuck for ideas? Then check out our Halloween costume guide, that will be sure to inspire you!

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