Halloween Costumes 2015: That No One Else Will Think Of!

Halloween is fast approaching, and you’re probably thinking about who to go as for this night of spooky fun. In this day and age, its certainly a challenge to come up with a costume that not only looks good, but stands out from all the generic witches and vampires you may see roaming around in the hours of darkness. Not to worry, as here at Bloop we’ve come up with a definitive list of ideas that are unique, current and most of all, pretty darn scary! Here’s our list of Halloween costumes for inspired by everything 2015, that no one else will think of:

For the Ladies:

This photo provided by Warner Bros. Pictures shows Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Village Roadshow Pictures’ action adventure film, “Mad Max: Fury Road," a Warner Bros. Pictures release. (Jasin Boland/Warner Bros. Pictures via AP)

Furiosa – Mad Max

Mad Max: Fury Road has to be one of the biggest films to come out this year, and its female lead Furiosa has become extremely recognizable, even to the casual movie-goer. A costume like this would consist of neutral basics such as a t-shirt, khaki trousers and a corset…but we’ll leave you to decide if you’ll take the plunge in buzzing your hair or getting a short wig!


Scarlet Witch – Avengers: Age of Ultron

This costume is perfect for all you female comic-book fans out there! Those who saw Avengers: Age of Ultron will know that Scarlet Witch can potentially be a very creepy character, who showed all the Avengers their deepest fears. This is another simple yet effective costume that is accessible, due to it being merely a red jacket and black dress. Why not team up with a male friend or your boyfriend and go as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver to be the ultimate Maximoff twins?



Piper Chapman – Orange is the New Black

With a string of awards behind its belt, Orange is the New Black has become a massive TV hit. Which also means that all the characters would hugely recognizable as Halloween costumes – and not to mention inexpensive to achieve . If you’re a blonde (or happen to have a blonde wig!), channel the star of the show by purchasing some orange scrubs. You could even try and get all your friends together to recreate the whole team of prisoners!

For the Men:


American Horror Story – Tate

Stick particularly to the horror theme by opting to go Tate from American Horror Story. Its no secret that this show produces some extremely creepy characters, which is why its perfect for Halloween. With this costume, all you really need is skeleton make-up and you are good to go!


Dr. Hannibal Lecter – Hannibal

Want something that requires less make-up? Then look no further than Hannibal Lecter. This Halloween idea will definitely make an impact at costume party, and is effortless to achieve by simply wearing a suit.



Owen Grady – Jurassic World

If you’re the kind of person why likes to dress up with in the least amount of effort, Owen from Jurassic World is definitely a go-to costume. A waistcoat, blue shirt and trousers are really all that is needed to achieve this costume, although you could go the extra mile and even have a toy dinosaur as a prop! One thing is for certain however, if you decide to go as Owen, you will be doing the pose pictured above…A LOT!

With your Friends:


Suicide Squad

If you fancy truly wowing everyone on Halloween, getting you and your friends to go as the members of DC’s Suicide Squad is the way to go. It may be a little tricky, but imagine how many compliments you’ll get if you manage to pull a group Halloween costume like this off! To make things a little easier, Harley Quinn’s costume is easily available for purchase online these days, so that’s one of you sorted at least.


Inside Out

If Suicide Squad is too dark for you, then something fun and lighthearted such as Inside Out might be better suited for you and your mates..particularly if you’re doing costumes last minute. Luckily all the character’s costumes can be found online, so all you need to do is order them – quick, simple and better yet, unique!



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