How To Throw A Scarily Good Last-Minute Halloween Party!

So you’ve been bold enough (or, reluctantly cornered by your mates!) to throw a Halloween party! While that may have sounded like an awesome idea at the time, chances are that if you’re like most people, you’ve also left everything last minute as well. Probably not the best way to start off planning a shindig, but sometimes the thought of organizing a party can sound daunting, no matter how much you like partying. However despite poor planning, that doesn’t mean that you can’t throw a great party; because lets face it, some of the best parties you’ve been to have likely been an impulsive idea. Here at Bloop, we’ve decided that we’d help along with throw a scarily good last minute Halloween party in a few simple steps:

Decorate Your House:

It goes almost without saying that if you plan on having a Halloween party, you simply have to set the creepy scene with spooky decor. This can be done fairly easily with a quick trip to your local supermarket if you’re really in a hurry, but if you want your abode to stand out a little more, then why not make your own decorations? With help from friends (and bribe them with sweets!), you could carve out pumpkins and make your own ugly horror decorations in no time!

Make A Halloween Party Menu:

Here at Bloop, we think one of the main reasons why we love Halloween in particular is the food. That doesn’t necessarily mean sweets and chocolate (although, we won’t say no to that either), as you could always devise an Autumn-themed menu based from savory and sweet Harvest foods as an alternative. However, if that seems like too much effort, why not make your own Halloween cocktails? From blood orange cocktail, to a smokin’ skull shot, there are all kinds of creepy cocktail recipes that you can find online. So get creative!

Scary Silver Screen and Spooky Soundtracks:

Another way to give your party an eerie feel is to have horror movies on in the background while playing some of your favourite Halloween tunes. Make a playlist of some of the most well-known Halloween music (yes, we are talking about Thriller and Nightmare before Christmas!) and play it alongside some of the best Horror films for something that will really scare your friends.

 And Finally, Get Yourself a Halloween Costume:

This doesn’t mean bring out the SAME costume from last year, although if you are that much of a hurry, we are sure you’re friends will forgive you. However if you are up for the challenge, you could get really creative and make a DIY costume based off something from film and entertainment. Stuck for ideas? Then check out our Halloween costume guide, that will be sure to inspire you!

What Type Of Bubble Tea Should You Try Today?

Have you ever felt as though you’re a little bored of your go-to bubble tea flavour? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to tried something different, but never knew which flavour would satisfy your taste-buds? Well, wonder no more! Here at Bloop, we thought that we would do the hard work for you and create a flow-chart to help you decide. Take a look below and discover which bubble tea is perfect for you, no matter your mood!


Ice Cream Mochi: Your New Favourite Dessert!

If you’re a regular to Bloop Bubble Tea (and we know a fair few of you are!), you will have noticed that in addition to bubble tea, we also sell ice cream mochi. What is this wonderful new take on ice cream we hear you say? Well, wonder no more. Today at Bloop, we are here to tell you this delectable Japanese dessert, and hopefully urge you to try it yourself! Here’s our guide to ice cream mochi, your new favourite dessert:


 As previously mentioned, ice cream mochi (or mochi ice cream) is typically known as a Japanese dessert. It is a delicacy that is made from sticky rice that is pounded to make the mochi (hence the name!) to give it a ‘cakey’ substance, and a flavoured ice cream is filled in to the middle. Finally, it is then dusted with corn starch that allows both the ingredients to stop from sticking together.

While it originates primarily from Japan, this ice cream has  grown increasingly popular over the years and is now widely know as internationally available food – so lucky us!

With it being a tasty confection, ice cream mochi comes in a wide variety of flavours. However, the most popular of these are vanilla and mango – which we just so happen to sell in our cafe. Although other known flavours are red azuki bean, which is sometimes filled inside the ice cream as well.


Hopefully now you have a little more of an idea of what ice cream mochi is and where is comes from – besides our wonderful cafe of course! Here at Bloop, our ice cream mochi is only £1.25, so why not spoil yourself some time after work or school? If you are a lover of bubble tea, you will certainly love this dessert!

All Things Tapioca: The Facts You May Not Know!

If you’re a veteran of Bubble Tea (and we hope you are!), you’ll be well aware that Tapioca balls are an additional tasty treat that lies in both the milk and fruit-based drinks. Although, not many of us actually know what these delectable pearls are nor where they came from. Here at Bloop Bubble Tea, we feel that its only right that we let you know exactly what you’re eating every time you come and visit us, so we decided that we’d put together a few fun facts all dedicated to this traditional chewy sweet that comes along with bubble tea.


  • Tapioca comes from the root of the cassava, and the roots of this plant are similar to sweet potatoes due to their starchy content, which makes them a staple food in some tropical areas.
  • The name tapioca itself stems from word tipi’óka, the name for this starch in the Tupí language of South America.
  • Tapioca is a staple food in some countries, and is known worldwide as a thickening agent for foods.
  • Tapioca is gluten-free, and almost completely protein-free. So hooray for us celiacs!
  •  July 28th is National Tapioca Day, something to make note of if you’re a big fan of this chewy sweet in your bubble teas.
  • Luckily for those who suffer from gluten/wheat intolerance, Tapioca is commonly used instead of wheat flour.
  • The most popular use of tapioca is in the form of a milk-based dessert.  It is also equally popular as a pudding with fruit or fruit juice, hence why we like to add it to our fruit bubble teas.


Now you should be a little more acquainted with one of our favourite chewy sweets. We personally recommend this with Taro or Matcha Green Tea, which adds an additional kick of sweetness.

Green Tea: The Superfood You Should Get Familiar With!


A fresh cup of coffee might be your go-to beverage in the morning, particularly if you are in a hurry! However, you’d be amazed by how many healthier alternatives there are, that won’t leave you crashing by midday. Indeed, more and more of us are turning to superfoods especially due to their ‘lighter’ feel ,that also gives you a gentle boost of caffeine; and green tea notably is one of the biggest trends among these. No doubt you have heard of green tea, but if not, here at Bloop we’ve put together a list of benefits that come from one of the most effective superfoods there is. Here’s why you should get familiar with green tea:

Its More Effective Than Coffee:

Although green tea may have less caffeine than coffee, it is actually one of its key ingredients. What makes green tea to be more effective than our favourite morning beverage however is that it doesn’t have the tendency to produce that horrible ‘jumpy’ feeling that coffee does, particularly if you have too much. Caffeine has been proven time and time again to improve general brain function, and green tea includes just enough of this to effectively give you the right kind of buzz!

It Outweighs The Most Powerful Superfoods:

By containing more antioxidants than goji berries, dark chocolate and blueberries in just one teaspoon, its safe to say that green tea rules above all superfoods!

Lowers Anxiety:

For those of us who suffer from anxiety, green tea has been known to be a calming beverage. This is because it contains L-theanine, an amino acid that helps promote relaxation.

Raises Metabolism:

Another reason why green tea is said to be great to have in the morning is due to it being able to raise your metabolism. Due to its more holistic nature, it can kick-start your body first thing in the morning with the right kind of energy that won’t leave you crashing hard and snacking on more unhealthy choices such as energy drinks.

So as you can see, there are many benefits to adding green tea into your diet. If you haven’t already, why not try out our matcha green tea on your way to work? You can event request an extra shot of tea to be added into your drink as well – a delicious way to get the body going!

Halloween Costumes 2015: That No One Else Will Think Of!

Halloween is fast approaching, and you’re probably thinking about who to go as for this night of spooky fun. In this day and age, its certainly a challenge to come up with a costume that not only looks good, but stands out from all the generic witches and vampires you may see roaming around in the hours of darkness. Not to worry, as here at Bloop we’ve come up with a definitive list of ideas that are unique, current and most of all, pretty darn scary! Here’s our list of Halloween costumes for inspired by everything 2015, that no one else will think of:

For the Ladies:

This photo provided by Warner Bros. Pictures shows Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Village Roadshow Pictures’ action adventure film, “Mad Max: Fury Road," a Warner Bros. Pictures release. (Jasin Boland/Warner Bros. Pictures via AP)

Furiosa – Mad Max

Mad Max: Fury Road has to be one of the biggest films to come out this year, and its female lead Furiosa has become extremely recognizable, even to the casual movie-goer. A costume like this would consist of neutral basics such as a t-shirt, khaki trousers and a corset…but we’ll leave you to decide if you’ll take the plunge in buzzing your hair or getting a short wig!


Scarlet Witch – Avengers: Age of Ultron

This costume is perfect for all you female comic-book fans out there! Those who saw Avengers: Age of Ultron will know that Scarlet Witch can potentially be a very creepy character, who showed all the Avengers their deepest fears. This is another simple yet effective costume that is accessible, due to it being merely a red jacket and black dress. Why not team up with a male friend or your boyfriend and go as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver to be the ultimate Maximoff twins?



Piper Chapman – Orange is the New Black

With a string of awards behind its belt, Orange is the New Black has become a massive TV hit. Which also means that all the characters would hugely recognizable as Halloween costumes – and not to mention inexpensive to achieve . If you’re a blonde (or happen to have a blonde wig!), channel the star of the show by purchasing some orange scrubs. You could even try and get all your friends together to recreate the whole team of prisoners!

For the Men:


American Horror Story – Tate

Stick particularly to the horror theme by opting to go Tate from American Horror Story. Its no secret that this show produces some extremely creepy characters, which is why its perfect for Halloween. With this costume, all you really need is skeleton make-up and you are good to go!


Dr. Hannibal Lecter – Hannibal

Want something that requires less make-up? Then look no further than Hannibal Lecter. This Halloween idea will definitely make an impact at costume party, and is effortless to achieve by simply wearing a suit.



Owen Grady – Jurassic World

If you’re the kind of person why likes to dress up with in the least amount of effort, Owen from Jurassic World is definitely a go-to costume. A waistcoat, blue shirt and trousers are really all that is needed to achieve this costume, although you could go the extra mile and even have a toy dinosaur as a prop! One thing is for certain however, if you decide to go as Owen, you will be doing the pose pictured above…A LOT!

With your Friends:


Suicide Squad

If you fancy truly wowing everyone on Halloween, getting you and your friends to go as the members of DC’s Suicide Squad is the way to go. It may be a little tricky, but imagine how many compliments you’ll get if you manage to pull a group Halloween costume like this off! To make things a little easier, Harley Quinn’s costume is easily available for purchase online these days, so that’s one of you sorted at least.


Inside Out

If Suicide Squad is too dark for you, then something fun and lighthearted such as Inside Out might be better suited for you and your mates..particularly if you’re doing costumes last minute. Luckily all the character’s costumes can be found online, so all you need to do is order them – quick, simple and better yet, unique!



Bubble-Tastic Fun at Bubbles with Bloop!


As mentioned in our last blog post, here at Bloop we decided to put together a bubble display event named Bubbles with Bloop over the weekend.  Despite the deary weather forecast, Chester more than welcomed our bubble displays that were situated around the city centre.


Collaborating with bubble extraordinaire Dr Zigs, we were able to set up a giant multi-colour bubble display inside the shop. This gave our customers the chance to be snapped inside a bubble itself, which you can imagine as a novelty, was hugely popular.


Of course, our own staff couldn’t resist either on joining in the giant bubble action!



The fun didn’t stop there however, as we also took to the streets to entertain the passing city dwellers with a wide-range of bubbles. It was also here that we offered free samples which consisted of banana and mango, as well as the offer of free toppings for those who took our flyers.


It was exciting to have our own event co-inside with the festivities of Chester Pride, enhancing our own turn-out of attendees, which made the day’s atmosphere all the more joyful.

Bubbles with Bloop!

Can you believe that its almost a month since we opened our store in Chester? Neither can we! As they say, time flies by when you’re having fun. In addition to it being the first of October, we have an exciting event happening this Saturday from 12.30-3.30pm, called “Bubbled with Bloop”, here’s a little info on what this day is all about.

Internation world peace day (1)

“Bubbles with Bloop” will be an event happening on the 3rd October, and will also contain a number of attractions that include mix of giant multi-coloured bubble displays, in addition to giving customers the opportunity to be photographed inside a giant bubble in an exclusive bloop bubble photo. Here at Bloop, we like to keep things lighthearted and fun, and therefore wanted to bring together a level of playfulness to the event; because who doesn’t love bubbles right?


While bubble displays will keep your entertained, our staff will also be taking to the streets again by handing out samples to the public.  The samples will consist of traditional bubble teas such as taro, while also including fruit flavours such as blueberry and passionfruit. We will also be giving customers the chance to receive an offer of an extra free topping of jellies, which will be given out by our staff.

We look forward to seeing you all there!