Flavours of the Season: Best Bubble Teas to for Autumn.

With the weather getting slightly cooler and sunshine slowly declining, it feels as though Autumn has hit us all of a sudden, and with little warning. While you may be starting a new term, new school or even new job, there are many things to love about this deciduously colourful season…and of course it includes your fix of bubble tea! As the first part of a seasonal feature, we’ve put together the best flavours for you to try out during the Autumn months.



A staple flavour for those of you who are bubble tea veterans! This creamy cup of boba magic gives off a familiar yet slightly exotic taste, which is perfect for aiding you against the cooler days ahead.



Who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate in Autumn? Try it with some tapioca bubbles to give it a chewy texture, and you’ll have sufficed that sweet cravings in no time!



For something that stays true to Autumn colours, look no further than our red grape fruit tea. This tea is perfect if you’re also missing Summer, and is particularly bursting with flavour if you add some zesty yogurt popping balls.



Despite being a chilled drink, Taro’s sweet aroma warms the heart, and with an equally as addictive cake-like taste. This flavour  is hugely popular in Taiwan, and its natural scent and gentle feel is a sweet escape from the colder morning of Autumn.

Whether you decide to go with fruity flavours or more of a creamy taste, you’ll definitely be set for Autumn with these bubble teas.

Fresher’s Survival Guide: Things to do around Chester

So, you’ve arrived in Chester, met your flatmates and Fresher’s week is just around the corner…but then what? You may be thinking that for the rest of the year its all about hitting the books, and while that may be true, you can still have a little fun along the way! Chester is a brilliantly cultural city (although we are slightly biased), and as a student possibly living here for the first time makes it all the more exciting. Here at Bloop, we know that finding things to do on the typical student budget can be a challenge; that’s why we’ve put together a guide for you on things to do around Chester, that won’t break the bank!

Chester Zoo

Image by Chester Zoo

It has been said that you can’t live in Chester without paying a trip to Chester Zoo. With a whopping 12,000 animals and award-winning zoological gardens, this is one of the world’s top zoos. If you love animals, there’s really no excuse not to go and visit all the amazing animals that they have; and they even have 10% discount for students and further reductions if you go in large groups!

Chester City Walls

Image by Visit Chester

If you are looking for something historically stimulating, look no further than a walk around the Chester City Walls. You will bask in incredible set of Roman, Medieval and Georgian views.This is a great opportunity for those who are new to the city to take in the gorgeous panoramic views, while also getting to certain locations better. The pricing for a guided walk is £7, and runs on Wednesdays and Saturdays; so you could even go while you have a break in between lectures.

Bloop Bubble Tea

Image by Bloop Bubble Tea

We are aware that we are a little bit cheeky putting ourselves on here, but being the first bubble tea cafe to hit Chester, we thought why not? The Taiwanese-based drinks known as bubble tea has fast become a worldwide phenomenon, and we are passionate about bringing this to you. Mix and match such as our popping and tapioca bubbles, while adding the refreshing fruity or milky tastes of pina colada and passion fruit for a flavour that is deliciously unique. Plus, we even sell  Taiwanese-based ice cream mochi and macaroons at the affordable price of £1.25, so you really have no excuse!

Telford’s Warehouse

Image by Telford Warehouse

While you may have a number of things to do during the day now, but what about the evening? If you are more into a relaxed atmosphere of a bar instead of a nightclub, Telford’s Warehouse is the place for you. This hangout is a great place to enjoy some tasty drinks and food in a chilled-out environment, while also checking out some live music with gigs being hosted weekly. If you’re musical yourself, it might also be a chance for you to show off your talent, as they even host an open mic night on Sunday. Telford’s Warehouse is a place that you can spend your whole night at, which makes it much cheaper than club hopping!

Indeed, there are other incredible places to uncover around Chester during your first time at University, and these are just a few to get you started. You will no doubt discover many more around the city, which makes it all the more exciting!

Bloop Bubble Tea Chester Opening.


After months of preparation, here at Bloop we were delighted to open our brand new cafe situated in Chester on the 11th September. Being the first to open a cafe that specializes in this Taiwanese-based drink, many were eager to come along and test out our extensive menu, (we even had potential customers peering through our windows the day BEFORE we opened!).



To spread the word further, our staff took to the streets with a selection of samples that included fruit teas such as passion fruit and pineapple, along with the more traditional Taiwanese flavours like vanilla, pearl milk tea and taro. We also put our own twist on pina colada by adding a non-alcoholic version, which as you can imagine was very popular.



With the bustling excitement of the Chester races coinciding with the opening, this made the day all the more busy as many who wanted to cool off from the heat flocked to the cafe.



 Our teas weren’t the only thing that was popular among customers however, our colourful macaroons made quite the hit with kids who were coming along after school.


Those who approached our staff who were busy handing out samples in the city centre were pleasantly surprised by our drinks, particularly the bubbles at the end. One even described as “an extra little treat at the end of a refreshing drink”, we’d say that was a compliment!